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CW Lasers - Ability to capture and replay pictures and statistics from a continuous laser.

Pulsed Lasers - Ability to capture pictures from slowly pulsing lasers *1-100 Hz) while filtering out frames and laser pulse.

The system comes with a camera, a set of 2X NG10 filters in housing, a mounting post, USB attachment, software on CD, carrying case.

SPOTCCD-VIS-USB: System with USB interface, camera for VIS range 350-1100nm
SPOTCCD-UV-USB: System with USB interface, camera for UV range 190-1100nm
SPOTCCD-IR1310-USB: System with USB interface, camera for 350-1310nm

SPOTCCD-IR1550-USB: System with USB interface, camera for IR range 1550±50nm


(*)Based on a standard CCD for VIS, coated with a phosphor coating, enabling capture of signals at the 1550±50nm range.


NG10 Filter: NG10 filter in housing (3/4” – 32 thread), filter width 1.6mm ±0.1mm

Ordering Information

duma optronics position positioning sensing spoton ccd laser alignment psd quadrant cell photoreciever dispacement larg aperture Duma Optronics ビーム位置 ビームポジショニング センシング 測定 spoton ccd レーザーアライメント PSD 四分割フォトレシーバー 四素子フォトレシーバー 変位 大口径

The application program is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 OS (32 & 64 bit). For custom integration, an SDK package software is offered as standard.

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